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Here’s my (possibly distorted) recollection of Immunity’s Hack Cup 2010, complete with terrible security puns. Thanks to my teammates onĀ SensePost/#TeamZA for winning!Ā And thanks to Nico Waisman specifically for organizing and Immunity for sponsoring a great event. And yes – all of this is a joke – as in, not meant to be taken seriously, as […]

Jeremiah Grossman, who not many people know is actually the devil, smoked a bunch of crack and made the mistake of associating himself with me again with this virulently circulating “7 facts”. Before I got a chance to see his post, he sent me an e-mail saying he was sorry about the “7 facts” thing. […]

This is your every day, ticket serving Amtrak kiosk. Look familiar? I love taking the train. God, the only thing better than taking the train would be taking the train for free. Whoops. Thanks for the ticket, Marge Power, traveling from Alexandria, VA. How was I able to do this? Direct object references (DOR). Laughably, […]