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The application I beat up for the ESAPI WAF preso at OWASP AppSec DC was JForum. It’s awesome, free, open source forum software that is quite popular (CBS, EA and the Ukrainian government seem to like it). That aside, it’s got serious security problems. I disclosed these problems to them, um, around a month ago […]

The ESAPI project is quickly gaining steam. We’ve added a number of strong committers and there are many companies out their adopting. My little addition to ESAPI was just released yesterday at OWASP AppSec DC, the ESAPI Web Application Firewall. Slides here. You don’t need to implement the rest of ESAPI to use it, since […]

UPDATE: kuza55 has pointed out correctly that the cookie-sharing across ports is universal; IE’s quirk is the port-ignorance during SOP checks. Most people have thought about how you can use a browser to issue inter-protocol requests. See Samy’s version of SMTP-through-JavaScript, “cross-site” printing (cool, but what’s so cross-site about it again?), and this paper by […]

Billy Hoffman and Matt Wood from HP presented on a new browser darknet at Blackhat, which of course the press went totally batshit for (the press love Billy et. al. as much as they love anyone – or HP’s marketing department is insanely good). I love the idea of totally anonymous P2P information sharing, but […]

Using “Content-disposition: attachment” when streaming user-uploaded files is unfortunately incomplete protection against all cross-origin issues. Most savvy testers know that without it, a user could send a victim a link directly to a malicious uploaded file or <iframe> it in from their evil site, causing XSS & SSRF. When this header is sent down in […]

Last year Jeff Williams and I discovered 2 critical flaws in SiteMinder. Rather than just sitting on the flaws or leaving the client to report them, we decided to experiment with responsible disclosure with the company who manages SiteMinder, Computer Associates (CA). The process was painfully slow and from our perspective a little disrespectful. For […]

A colleague of mine, Jerry Hoff, was testing AntiSamy a while ago and he found an interesting technique he quite hilariously and tongue-in-cheekly called “formjacking.” Once we dissected the payload we found a very strange cross-browser behavior. I wanted to talk about it but never had a chance until now. It seems that FF3 and […]

browsers will accept strangely formed URLs and this could be used to bypass security checks

Go download! The changes: Fixed empty element “bug” (a <b/> causes the rest of the page to be bold cross-browser, wtf? more on this later) Fixed some bugs handling CSS colors, fonts and margins (negative margins not allowed and colors are now c14nized – thx to Jason Li and designbistro) Added a usable pom.xml (thx […]

Some backstory: When the Asprox mass SQL injection attack hit the web, HP teamed up with Microsoft and did a very cool thing. They donated a free, trimmed down version of their dynamic analysis tool called Scrawlr to the world. Scrawlr poked around your site, and if it detected SQL injection vulnerabilities, it let you […]