I’m flying back from Blackhat today where I presented and officially released JavaSnoop, a tool that makes security testing thick Java clients really, really easy. We use some magically awesome instrumentation and bytecode engineering. Despite the fact that those buzzwords were in play, Blackhat thought they’d hedge their bet on me by putting the talk in the room furthest away from everything. But don’t worry, we filled it up anyway. And I’m sure that wasn’t because I launched a Twitter misinformation campaign that suggested Dino Dai Zovi would be there dropping 0day – I’m sure it was just because of the suggestive title.

There was an A/V issue that meant I couldn’t see the demo but the audience could, so they had to guide me through it. Other people may look at that as an utter disaster, but from my perspective, I gave the first audience participation demo in Blackhat history (don’t research that).

Here are the slides, the tool itself, and the project home page – complete with videos and screenshots to help you get started. If you do anything cool with JavaSnoop, let me know and I’ll make a video of it, give you credit and put it on the project page to help everyone get to know the tool.

If you’re interested in the magic behind JavaSnoop, check out our SVN. We welcome feedback, patches, success stories, or belittlement. It’s GPLv3, but we’re happy to re-license a copy to you if you have a half of a good reason.

Happy hacking!